Professional Home Staging is the process of preparing your property for sale by showcasing key elements and creating an inviting atmosphere that will draw buyers in. Just as we take the extra time & attention to present ourselves appropriately for special occasions – such as a job interview, a graduation or a wedding - the sale of a property requires the extra effort of presentation. For most home owners, their real estate investment is their most significant financial purchase in life and treating it with such importance makes good common sense. Home staging has become the industry standard and most buyers will either ‘move on to the next’, or expect to see huge deductions in the list price of a property, if the presentation of the property falls short. The cost of professional home staging is far less than your first price reduction and provides you with the most competitive edge in the real estate market.

Aravis Design’s Professional Home Staging services go far beyond just de-cluttering and depersonalizing a property. Our foundation in home styling provides us with the tools needed to create the impact of an inspired living environment that makes an amazing first impression. Our goal is to have your property show at maximum potential to yield the highest return on your investment. We offer competitive pricing on a wide spectrum of home staging services and take great pride in the professional results achieved with each project.

Aravis Design uses only bondable, certified home stagers who are professionally trained and insured for your piece of mind. We value the integrity of our work and the confidentiality of our clients.

Quick Facts about Staging

It only takes a buyer 3-6 minutes to walk through a house and they usually decide whether or not they like the property in the first six seconds – make those moments count!

90% of people view homes first on the Internet, making professional staged photos more important than ever in creating that inspiring first impression.

86% of staged properties sell within the first month of listing.

63% of buyers will pay more money for a house that is move-in ready – fixer uppers are not as appealing and will draw a buyer who is wanting to have a significant discount on the list price.

For more facts on the benefits of professional home staging, please refer to www.realestatestagingassociation where you will find a free download of The Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging Canada, a fantastic resource for all home sellers!

Service Options

Aravis Home Design offers competitive, flexible pricing suited to your staging needs and budget. Please contact us for a free quote and to answer any questions and guide you toward the most appropriate options for service. We are able to create package deals for multiple services and offer a discounted rate for Senior Citizens, Veterans and people living with Disabilities.

Home Staging Consultation

With the home seller present, we will do a complete walk through of the property, from the front curb, through all interior rooms and into the backyard, noting detailed, site specific suggestions of what to do in order to best prepare the property for sale. This may include suggestions on small home repairs, paint color modifications, moderate renovations to update the home, furniture/art/accessory placement and the definition of living spaces. Aravis Design will provide contacts for any outside services required and pass along our preferred pricing resource list to add to your savings.

$125.00 - $200.00 depending on the size and scale of project

Comprehensive Staging Report

Aravis Design will assess the specific needs of the interior and exterior of the property and provide the home seller with a detailed report of all tasks needing to be completed in order to showcase the property at maximum potential. Once all tasks have been completed by the home seller, we return to the property to ensure the best placement of furnishings, accessories and artwork from room to room for the absolute polished touch!

$250.00 - $500.00 depending on the size and scale of project

Complete Home Staging of Occupied Property

Let us help you transform your property while you are still living there! Aravis Design will work with you to prioritize your best pieces to use in the staging design. We may suggest adding a few items or removing a few items. We will create our design around what you have to maximize your home staging budget. Once the initial consultation is done, we will return to work through the list of things to do in order to have your home ready to sell. We understand that you still need to function in your home and we will balance those needs with helping you sell quickly.

$125.00 Initial consultation fee plus $80.00/hr (*) (**) Full quote will be provided at consultation, services will commence upon contract agreement.

Complete Home Staging of Vacant Property

Vacant properties leave potential buyers confused as to how the home will function – undefined living spaces and a sterile environment make it difficult to visualize the house as a home. Aravis Design can manage the selection, delivery, placement and return of all rental furnishings and accessories, allowing you to focus on making the deal with confidence.

$125.00 Initial consultation fee plus $80.00/hr (*) (**) Full quote will be provided at consultation, services will commence upon contract agreement.

“Ready to Show” for Aravis Design Staged Homes

Once we have staged your occupied property, you may find it difficult to keep up with the hectic schedule of showings. If time doesn’t allow for you to polish your home to the original staged ideal prior to an opening house or viewing– call us! We will return and take care of the last minute details to ensure that each room has a polished, pristine presentation that is ready to show.

$80.00 per session (*)

Rental of Accessory Packages

Aravis Design carries a rental inventory of Home Styling accessory packages that will pull together the look of a room at a fraction of the true cost of purchase for the home seller. Common packages include coordinating artwork, decorative cushions, vases, and lamps for living areas; towels, artwork and accessories for bathrooms or bedding sets, artwork and accessories for the bedrooms.

Coordination of Furniture Rentals

Aravis Design is able to coordinate preferred pricing of furniture rental packages, including larger items such as living room furnishings, dining room tables and chairs, bedroom sets and office desks and chairs. (**)

* Mileage fee applies to site visits beyond the initial consultation and sourcing outside of the Salmon Arm area.

** Aravis Design will arrange for rental furnishings with a third party supplier but assumes no responsibility for items rented. The contract for rentals will exist between the home owner and the rental company.