“The goal of home staging is for the buyer to mentally move into (the) home,
if they cannot feel and see themselves living in (the) home, you’ve lost them…”

Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging

Professional Home Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale by showcasing key elements and creating an inviting atmosphere that will draw buyers in. Just as we take the extra time & attention to present ourselves appropriately for special occasions – such as a job interview, a graduation or a wedding - the sale of a property requires the extra effort of presentation. For most home owners, their real estate investment is their most significant financial purchase in life and treating it with such importance makes good common sense. As a realtor, you have experienced trying to sell a property that does not show well – it turns most buyers away. Trying to negotiate and motivate a home seller to make the changes necessary, to begin seeing their home as a property, can be a delicate and complicated matter. Allow us to take on this task for you – and free up your time to do what you do best – market and sell homes!!

Aravis Design’s Professional Home Staging services go far beyond just de-cluttering and depersonalizing a property. Our foundation in home styling provides us with the tools needed to create the impact of an inspired living environment that makes an amazing first impression to home buyers. Our goal is to have each property show at maximum potential and yield the highest return on investment. Home staging has become the industry standard and most buyers will either ‘move on to the next’, or expect to see huge deductions in the list price of a property, if the presentation of the property falls short. The cost of professional home staging is far less than the first price reduction and provides you, and your clients, with the most competitive edge in the real estate market.

At Aravis Design, we value and appreciate the work that we do in coordination with local Realtors. Upon referral, we view our work as an extension of your service to your client, and provide conscientious, professional and timely results. We work closely with you to ensure that your goals and priorities for the property are met in accordance with the needs of the client.

Aravis Design uses only bondable, certified home stagers who are professionally trained and insured for your piece of mind. We offer competitive pricing and preferred pricing packages on a wide spectrum of home staging services. Contact us today to schedule an introductory meeting and to learn more about our service packaging for Realtors. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Realtors

We like to defer to the experts, when an expert opinion is what is needed. Professional staging, as an industry has undergone tremendous growth in the past decade. Take a look at the following views by trusted voice of authority, Debra Gould of the Staging Diva. These commonly asked questions by Realtors, found on her website stagingdiva.com, are given honest, factual and to the point responses by an industry guru who is a proven leader in the staging community.

Why should I recommend home staging to my clients?

I already tell my clients what they should do before putting their house on the market.

The real estate market is hot in my area. Why should I bother with home staging?

Can home staging help me turn listings in a slow real estate market?

“People shop on logic and buy on emotion” Debra Gould, Staging Diva